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Finished Costumes

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Note: I appreciate your patience as I continue to update the older entries.  Thanks!

Newest Costumes

Jedi Consular [SWTOR] Tanaquill, The Faerie Queen Ophelia [Waterhouse Painting]

Video Games
Jedi Consular [SWTOR] Harold  [Tales of Destiny 2] Rosa [Final Fantasy IV DS] Rinoa [Final Fantasy VIII]
Terra, Esper Form [Final Fantasy VI] Princess Ashe [Final Fantasy XII] Terra [Final Fantasy VI, Amano Style] Namine [Kingdom Hearts] Aeris [Kingdom Hearts 2]
Songstress Yuna [Final Fantasy X-2] Gunner Yuna [Final Fantasy X-2] Terra [Final Fantasy III/VI] Aeris [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children] Rosa [Final Fantasy II/IV]
    Rydia [Final Fantasy II/IV]    

Film & TV
Alicia - Civilian Clothes [Valkyria Chronicles] Alicia [Valkyria Chronicles] Flutterina [She-Ra] Deedlit - Sacrifice Dress [Lodoss Wars]
Paprika [Paprika] Deedlit [Record of Lodoss Wars] Juliet [Romeo x Juliet] Ahiru [Princess Tutu] Sophie Hatter [Howl's Moving Castle]
The Childlike Empress {The Neverending Story} Nausicaš [Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind] Princess Tutu [Princess Tutu] Fujioka Haruhi [Ouran High School Host Club] Fujioka Haruhi [Ouran High School Host Club]
Ayanami Rei [Evangelion] Neo-Queen Serenity [Sailormoon] Therru [Gedo Senki] Sophie Hatter, Beginning Dress [Howl's Moving Castle] Sophie Hatter, Ending Dress [Howl's Moving Castle]
Azmaria [Chrno Crusade] Subaru [.hack//sign] Princess Serenity [Sailormoon Manga] Pajama Usagi [Sailormoon] High School Uniform Usagi [Sailormoon]

Comics & Manga
Dewshine [ElfQuest] Chii [CLAMP in 3D Land] Juliet [Cloth Road] Goddess Deedlit [Record of Lodoss Wars]  

Literature, Art, History & Original Designs
Tanaquill, The Faerie Queen Ophelia [Waterhouse Painting] Lady Sophie [Original Steampunk] Dryad {Original Design} Tinkerbell {Peter Pan}
  Violet Wool Dress {Historical} Arha, the Eaten One {The Tombs of Atuan} Medieval Italian Dress {Historical}