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Alicia [Civilian/Town Guard Uniform]
Series: Valkyria Chronicles

Debut: NDK 2010
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

I did this quick project to capitalize on our stash of pre-existing accessories and wigs from our earlier Valkyria uniforms. The initial meeting of the two main characters, Alicia and Welkin, showed them in some cute, simple, and easy to wear civilian clothes and slightly different 'town guard' uniforms.  I liked Alicia's homespun look and GREAT boots, so I pulled this together quickly (boots, which I LOOOOVE, are from Target)!  Nick's costume came from his closet and a new leather jacket from Ebay.

This costume made it's debut at NDK 2010, along with Nick's purchased-pieces civilian Welkin.

Materials List
Pattern - NA, old pattern from collection.
Fabrics - A variety of cotton blends.
Wig - Amphigory
Boots - Target
Accessories - Socks from Sock Dreams, airsoft rifle from Pyramid Air, gloves from Walmart, belt from closet.

Photos courtesy of Eurobeat King.