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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did you learn to sew?
A: Mostly trial and error, although I took a few classes and did a few workshops as a child (your standard make-a-pair-of-shorts in middle school home ec. XD). I've been sewing since I was at least 10, but I only seriously started creating costumes and garments when I was about 18. I'm very independent and would rather hack something out than take a class, so I do a fair amount of book/internet research. I make it a point to learn something new - or improve an old skill - with each project.

Also, I have this really bizarre habit of mulling over something forever, and then finally whipping it out in a week. I call that "meditating" on it. It seems that the more I think about it in my head, the easier it gets done in the real world. I'm sure there's some beautiful psychology behind that, but figuring it out is above my pay grade.

Q: Where do you get your fabrics and stuff?
A: I get most of my fabrics, notions, patterns, and tools at Joanns and Denver Fabrics so I can be there to see the fabrics first hand, which is important! If I already know about a fabric (texture, weight, shine, etc.), I might order from one of the following online stores:
- Denver Fabrics
- Dharma Trading
- Murielle Roy
- Dollar Fabric
- FabricMart
- Spandex House

Q: Where do you get your patterns?
A: I buy most of my base patterns at Joanns or Hobby Lobby or someplace else local,
again because of location, but almost all of those are highly altered before they're useful for costume patterns. So, in the end of it, most patterns end up being quite custom. Occasionally I draft a new pattern, but not often, because I'm not all that great at it.  I also use a lot of basic pieces, like circle skirts. is a great place to research patterns from lots of different companies, though I recommend purchasing patterns from a place like Joanns or Hobby Lobby because they'll be much cheaper (watch for the $1 sales!). They have all of the standard commercial pattern companies, and many of the smaller companies, as well, and you can absolutely place orders with them.

Q: Where do you get your wigs?
A: I've purchased and styled most of my wigs myself,
and I've learned a lot with each one! I get a lot of wigs from eBay, through a few particular stores there, as well as some online stores.
- Wildcat Wigs
- Amphigory
- Doctored Locks
Make sure you get some accompanying accessories, too, like wig caps, foam wig heads, and especially a bottle of synthetic wig hair detangler. It will save your life (and your wig's life, of course).

Q: Will you make a costume or wig for me?
A: I'm not currently accepting commissions
, as I'm working full time as an elementary school technology teacher!

Q: Will you tell me how you made *insert character*'s costume?
A: Well, I can't exactly.
First, like the fabric choices, how you make a character's costume should reflect your style, not mine. Second, making a costume is usually a long, drawn out process, and I can't always put the process into text. There's too much guessing involved, sometimes major edits are required, sometimes things just don't work at all. If you look on the costume page, there will probably be enough information for you to get started off of... Just remember to do your best, and make your costume special to you! You'd have better luck asking me a very specific question on a specific part of a specific costume, like how I made the circles for the Serenity dress.

Q: Tell me your secrets!
A: There's a secret to this?!
Well, if I had any secrets, I've given them away at the Tips & Tricks section!