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Series: FF VII-Advent Children
Debut: Ohayocon 2006
Competitions: Ohayocon 2006 Cosplay
Awards: None
Status: Completed

Okay. We know there's a theme here. I love Final Fantasy. ^^ Yes. Established.

However, I didn't really experience VII until very recently, and had my interested perked by the release of Advent Children. I so often find myself drawn to the delicate-yet-strong feminine lead characters, and Aeris completely fits that description. It was also so inspiring to see the beautiful CG work, the details of fabrics and such, in the same way as I was inspired by FFX and FFX-2.

The main dress was a country cotton, chosen for the slightly rough weave of the fabric, and fully lined with a cotton batiste. The jacket was purchased secondhand, dyed, and altered. That was a particularly nice find! Boots and bracelets were also secondhand finds, and the hair tie was made from the lining batiste. The hair, which I was very excited about, was mine mostly and an attached extension. I was initially concerned with it being stable, but it was excellent and held up to dancing, and a few sharp tugs, even. XD

This costume made its debut at Ohayocon 2006 with s0nified as Tifa and Oleander as Yuffie. ^^

Photos courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography.