Source: Peter Pan
Debut: Starfest 2007
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

What can I say?  I dyed my hair red for this, and I love it.  XD

So it all came about like this: Oleander asked me to make a Wendy dress for her.  I went DUH TOTLY, and said, Hey doesn't Em have a Peter Pan, and we went AIIIIGHT.  And then I said, hang on a minute.  If you guys are going to be Peter Pan and Wendy, I'm damn well going to be Tinkerbell.  And I was, and it was good. =D

I made this in two days before the con, and it's basically retarded. XD  But I am brightly colored, and I spent $50 to get my hair dyed this absolutely awesome shade of red which I believe I will keep permanently.  The dress is a simple cotton shell with bright green leaf-shaped pieces of sheer stuck to it with fusible webbing.  ^^  I had that green stuff for like... four years.  Finally glad to get to use it. XD

Photos courtesy o
f Digital Dreams Photography.

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