Attended Conventions

Those conventions that I've attended in the past.  ^^  Prior to 2006, most I have photos for.  I have neglected taking many recently, as I have friends who are far more talented in that field than I.  Enjoy!

Nan Desu Kan 2000

September 2000
Debut of Alicia

Dragon*Con 2009
September 2009
Debut of Flutterina and Rosa [DS]

Anime Wasabi 2009
March 2008
Debut of Chii

Nan Desu Kan 2008

September 2008
Debut of Rinoa

Dragon*Con 2008
August/September 2008
Debut of Dewshine, Steampunk, Juliet, and Mary Boleyn

Anime Central 2008
May 2008
Debut of Esper Terra & Sacrifice Deedlit

Anime Wasabi 2008
March 2008
Debut of Paprika

Nan Desu Kan 2007
September 2007
Debut of Juliet, Deedlit, Crisis Core Aeris, and Ahiru

Anime Central 2007

May 2007
Debut of Princess Ashe, Happy Ending Sophie, and Princess Tutu

Anime Oasis DX 2007

March 2007
Debut of Goddess Deedlit and Haruhi (Pink Dress)

Nan Desu Kan 2006

Debut of Ayanami Rei (Dream Sequence), Fujioka Haruhi, and Warrior Nausicań

Anime Expo
June/July 2006

Debut of Terra (Amano Style), Tehru, and updated NaminÚ.

Anime Central
May 2006
Debut of Neo-Queen Serenity

Anime Oasis
March 2006
Debut of Aeris (KH2 Version), Sophie (Green & Blue Versions)

Ohayocon 2006
January 2006
Debut of NaminÚ, Aeris (AC Version)

Nan Desu Kan 2005
September 2005
Debut of Rosa

Kunicon Denver 2005
June 2005
No New Costumes

Anime Central 2005
May 2005
Debut of Gunner Yuna, Terra, Azmaria

Nan Desu Kan 2004
September 2004
Debut of Rosette Christopher

Anime Central 2004
May 2004
Debut of Songstress Yuna

Nan Desu Kan 2003
September 2003
Debut of Subaru, Manga Serenity (v2.0)

Anime Iowa 2003
August 2003
Debut of Rydia, Dark Chii, Mishima Reika

Anime Oasis 2003
March 2003
Debut of Usagi Civvies, Manga Serenity, Myu Super Sailormoon

Nan Desu Kan Rokku!
September 2002
Debut of Tomoe, Yuuki Miaka, Kotori

Nan Desu Kan Go!
September 2001
No New Costumes

Halloween 2000
October 2000
Debut of Bubbles

Nan Desu Kan 2K
October 2000
Debut of Iwakura Lain, Ayanami Rei

Nan Desu Kon 1999
October 1999
Debut of Kanzaki Hitomi, Princess Serenity

San Diego Comiccon 1998
August 1998
Debut of Super Sailormoon


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