Omake means extra or bonus in Japanese.  Stuff that is mostly silly and fun, and a few things that just don't really go anywhere else. ^^ Enjoy!

Silly Videos! =D
Sophie's lunch with the Ouran girls! Taken by Haruhi!
Post-Masquerade AX Video, taken by Haruhi!

Dating Advice... Aeris "helps" Cloud out on a date with Yuffie... WARNING, this is full of bad language and naughty grabbing. XD  It was performed for the "Adult Cosplay" at AO 2006, so consider yourself warned. XD  Uh, we haven't been flagged yet on YouTube, if that helps. XD

Oh, Rue-chan!  Taken at NDK 2007.

"There is SAND on my BOOT!"

That is me.  That is Yoshitaka Amano.
Signing the skirt of my Terra costume.
*faints* Taken at Onicon 2006.

Nausicaš is taking off.... er, yeah.
Taken by Al at NDK 2006.

Taken by Xander at NDK 2006.

Reno, you naughty boy...
Cherry as Reno, taken at AX 2006.

Wolverine has taken up a new hobby of scaring little hat girls.
Einlanzer as Wolverine, taken at AX 2006.

Guys, I just got SO HUNGRY.
Pipapopupo as Kairi, (with her wig off XD) taken at AX 2006.

Go Sora! I mean, go Roxas! Errr... yeah.
A bunch of us at AX 2006.

Serenity doing her best Sora impression...

Impression of Mary in all those Renaissance paintings...
Just go with it.

Shouldn't Aeris be wearing a seatbelt?

Marlene tells Aeris and Tifa to behave!
Taken at Acen 2006.

This can only end in fire.

Rosa: Hey, Ayane, can you button this plz?
Ayane: Yeah, sure, no prob.

ZOMG, are they all twins?
Me, s0nified, and the Limebarb girls at Acen 2006.

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