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Click for larger imageRosa
Series: Final Fantasy II/IV
Debut: NDK 2005
Competitions: NDK 2005 Cosplay Contest
Awards: None
Status: Completed

Final Fantasy was my second (Zelda being the first!) RPG fantasy game series that I got interested in. IV remains to this day one of my favorites, second only to VI! I always found Rosa such a charming, sweet, innocent girl, yet still tough in her own way, and willing to follow her beloved to the ends of the earth.. and beyond. So romantic. ^^

As with Terra, I adore Amano's work, and have become more and more entertained with transforming his concepts along with those from the game, and those taken from the actual character, to create something all together new. I love all the designs, but I wanted to bring a little more ethereal, romantic style to my own costume. Rosa is a white mage, as well as a girl in love, things that - I think - should make a woman glow. ^^

I went through a lot of different transformations, but settled on mostly white and pastel colors. The fabrics are light, a lot of layered sheers, lace, and of course the obligatory beads. XD Pearls were a key factor, as well as a few accents of silver and crystal beads.

The cape and bodice are two of my favorite pieces of this costume. The cape, while a little hard to see in these photos, is double layered, the bottom being an iridescent lamè, and the top an opaque white sheer (to tone down the shine of the lamè). I wanted to trim the bottom with fringe and beads, but practicality decided to leave off with that. The cape is nearly six feet long, and the bottom hem will inevitably get dirty... So I left it with a simple rolled hem.

The bodice started this whole process about six months prior to finishing. The panels are generally brocades with a layer of some sheer over them, except the front panel, which shares the same lace as the arm warmers. It has some small amount of beading on the front that I did during my very boring summer job. =p

The jewelry is some of my favorite work. I have pearl-beaded bracelets, the earrings and necklace both have feathers, as well as the pearls and crystals. The hair clips are probably my most favorite part of the costume. There are three, each with white-peach roses, strands of pearls and crystals, and feathers. One has a beautiful mother-of-pearl leaf, even. ^^

I truly love this costume, am deeply proud of the construction, and hope that the costume will continue to evolve, as Terra has done.

This costume made it's debut at NDK 2005.  The final six images also feature Sonified as Rydia, taken at Anime Central 2006.

Photos courtesy of Lionel Lum, Digital Dreams Photography, and Consplayers.