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Series: Record of Lodoss War

Debut: NDK 2007
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

Lodoss was - like many of my fellow cosplayers and friends - one of my first anime experiences.  I remember getting up for those good old mornings of Saturday Anime on SciFi channel... and only seeing the first three episodes of Lodoss.  Oh.

When Inara suggested we do these costumes, I jumped at the chance, and the opportunity to learn new skills.  Deedlit's armor was a really intimidating part of the project for me, but fortunately I have an arsenal of friends who were willing to teach me some SERIOUS armormaking.  With foam.  But it's still serious.

So, as we've done before, all of the armor on this costume was made with craft foam.  The breastplate was the hardest part, as it needed to be form-fitting, and as foam basically starts out flat... well, you get the idea.  My friend Tom (who also created Nausicaš's mehve glider and is basically a genius) devised a few tricks to get the foam to shape, including applying heat, and then tipped me off to coating the foam with LOTS of layers of craft glaze and glue.  The piping on the armor is cable cord (yup, just like you attach to your TV), which helps to stabilize the foam shape.  Tom also designed a yoke for the cape and shoulder pieces to sit on, so it would extend past my shoulders, as in the artwork.  It worked great, and was totally comfortable to wear, to boot!

The fabric parts, after the armor, were blessedly simple.  The cape was just two silky solids from Joanns, found in the most lovely colors, and the tunic was my perennial favorite - amaretto solids.  Faux suede remnants and leather cording covered the arm wraps, and boots were purchased online.  Same wig and ears remain from Inara's and my "Goddess" costumes.

This costume made it's debut at NDK 2007.  ^^

Photos courtesy of Eurobeat King and Sleepy.