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Series: Paprika

Debut: Anime Wasabi 2008
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

Before I saw this movie, I was told by friends that I WAS Paprika.  So I saw the movie, and I was like, O HAY THAR.

I've always been sort of a hesitant fan of Satoshi Kon (basically because he scares the hell out of me), but Paprika was a whole different story.  I was caught in the first five minutes and swept up through the whole thing.  I don't want to say much, to save spoiling the movie, but I adore Paprika's character, her sort of duality and the impressive presence she is.  This is another of the "simple" outfits that I can't help but doing just because I adore the character it represents so much.  ^^  This is all "closet" cosplay, collected from JC Penny and Ross, but the hair is mine own, and freshly dyed that morning.

This costume made it's debut at Anime Wasabi 2008, in great comfort.

Photos courtesy of Eurobeat King.