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The Childlike Empress
Series: The Neverending Story
Debut: Mile Hi Con 2005
Competitions: MHC 2005 Costume Contest
Awards: Judge's Award "Most Elegant"
Status: Completed

The Neverending Story was the first movie my parents ever took me to as a young child, and while I don't totally remember specifics, I remember the feeling, and I've always loved the movie. As a young girl, I always thought the Childlike Empress was the prettiest girl ever, all dressed in white and with her pearl crown. So now, as an adult, I get to do all the things I dreamed of as a child!

I created this in about two weeks to wear to Mile Hi Con, as a surprise. ^^ There's a bit of guessing involved, since all you really see of her is from the waist up, the rest is all swathed in bedclothes. In screencaps from the movie, you can see that the bodice of the dress is beaded quite a bit, so I stitched pearl trim on by hand. There's also a 'belt' with pearls. On top of all is a somewhat shapeless sheer overdress, the seamlines can be seen low off the shoulder in the screencap photo, so I assumed a sort of kimono-shape, very open, and a bit oversized. To sort of emphasize the childish nature of the character and costume, the hem and sleeves are overlong, and the hems of the sleeves also area beaded. This is one of the more recent costumes that I can actually dress myself in!

My hair was the most fun, and the most distinguishing mark of the character, I believe. Since my hair is short, there was no way to pull it back, so I relied on the strength of DEP. It worked almost too well. XD The crown was made with glass pearls and beading wire. I debuted this costume at MHC 2005, and had a really lovely time. ^^