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Refia [Freelancer]
Source: Final Fantasy III
Debut: 2009
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

Refia is one of the sweetest FF characters out there - and being the only girl in the party in her own game, she's especially unique.  FFIII uses the jobs system and so there are many costumes to choose from, but the iconic Freelancer outfit was a fun choice.

I used white linen to create the main tunic-dress and a blue cotton denim for the vest.  The white dress originally laced up the front, but I ended up installing a zipper in the back for easier dressing.  The boot cuffs were made of the same material as the tunic and stuck on with double-sided tape so I could continue to use the boots for everyday wear!

Materials List
Fabrics - White linen, blue cotton denim
Accessories - Handmade earrings, craft foam 'buckle', and boots from closet.  Wig styled from a Nyx in Butterscotch.

Photos courtesy of  Alkaia Veritas.