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Deedlit ("Sacrifice" Version)
Series: Record of Lodoss Wars
Debut: Anime Central 2008
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

When my friend and usual photographer Laura (of Digital Dreams) suggested that we do Deedlit and Pirotess costumes this season,
I absolutely jumped to the call.  Lodoss was - like many of us - one of my first experiences with anime.  Ah, good old SciFi channel Saturday mornings.

Because I thought, "What the hell, I'll get just a leeeeetle more use out of those ears and wig, right?" I decided this costume was a good one to make.  It's a simple design, using a lot of familiar skills.  I decided on a corset top for form, but the skirt is as simple as two pieces of fabric.

The necklace was a particular challenge!  I had fortunately done a study on Egyptian jewelry a few months before beginning this project, and so applied some of the design techniques to the necklace.  It's constructed with bronze and glass, and is subsequently very solid.  The belt was done with the same method as the Goddess costume armor.  Of course, same wig and ears from the other costumes.  

This costume made its debut at Anime Central 2008.

Photos courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography.