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Deedlit ("Goddess" Version)
Series: Record of Lodoss Wars
Debut: Anime Oasis 2007
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

When my friend and usual photographer Laura (of Digital Dreams) suggested that we do Deedlit and Pirotess costumes this season, I absolutely jumped to the call.  Lodoss was - like many of us - one of my first experiences with anime.  Ah, good old SciFi channel Saturday mornings.

These gorgeous outfits offered me the new challenge of creating armor.  I used a process based on the armor tutorial of the lovely ladies of Firefly Path, with some additional ideas of my own.

The dress/toga was patterned from scratch, and created out of a synthetic silkessence-type fabric... something soft and slinky to really capture the gentle movement and drape in the original image.  The wigs were purchased from Cosworx and cut by me, a rather terrifying experience. *O.o*  All the armor connections and jewelry were made with the skills I've acquired in working for my bead store for the past year.  ^^  They came in VERY handy!  Most of our armor has some stone or glass pieces to them, and we both have handmade earrings.

This costume made it's debut at Anime Oasis 2007, of course with Laura as Pirotess.  ^^

Photos courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography and Consplayers.