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Series: ElfQuest

Debut: Dragon*Con 2008
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

ElfQuest is probably the first real 'graphic novel' I ever read, around the tender age of 11 I think, and probably the first comic of any type I got my hands on that wasn't in the newspaper.  My love of the series should probably have been an indication of my penchant for manga... once I got a hold of it.

Anyway, it's been a longtime favorite, and when my dear friend Lilacwire brought up the idea of doing costumes from the series, I couldn't help but be excited.  Dewshine is one of my favorite characters (right after Cutter).

Like most of my group, I relied on synthetic faux suede for the majority of this costume.  I tried a few different swatches and picked this nice upholstery suede.  The neckline trim is faux-fur with a bit of brown wig fiber glued into the center.  ^^  It wasn't being very useful anyway.  The wig came from Ebay, and the ears from Ardani Studios, where Inara and I also got our Lodoss elf ears.

This costume made its debut at Dragon*Con 2008.  Photos courtesy of Ljinto.

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