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Sophie Hatter (Happily Ever After Dress)
Series: Howl's Moving Castle
Debut: Acen 2007
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

YES, ANOTHER ONE.  Now that we have that out of the way...

Having talked about thirty (I'm exaggerating, clearly) people into doing Howl cosplay with me, I thought I'd finish off my collection of Sophie dresses with this one.  The yellow "ending dress" seen for only a few short moments in the last scene of the film is a lovely last transformation for my favorite character.  ^^

The same amaretto fabric as the other dresses was used for this one as well, since it also comes in a pretty yellow like this dress - how convenient!  The pattern of this one is just slightly altered from the other with a white collar and a fuller, ruffled skirt.  My friend Emily was kind enough to lend me a petticoat to aid in the fullness of the skirt.  I also have a new hat!  It's a little floppy..  ^^;  And I somehow was stupid and picked a BLUE pin instead of a RED one.  Score one for finals.

This costume made it's debut at Acen 2007.  ^^

Photos courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography.