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Series: Princess Tutu

Debut: NDK 2007
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

After my LAST experience with Tutu cosplay... I've given up on my dreams of being a ballerina!  *sobsob*

Just kidding.  ^^  I mean, I never had dreams of being a ballerina in the first place.

But when Dahlia and I got done with all that, we says, says we, "We should really make those uniforms.  They're pretty adorable."  And then the lovely ladies of Paperwings joined us, and we formed a terrible... fourplex... of unbearable cuteness.  It was a great chance to work with some friends of mine, and as we're all HUGE fans of the show and the characters, it was even MORE fun.

The costumes were patterned by the ladies of Paperwings, and each of us constructed our own individually.  The shirts are a simple cotton sateen, and the jumpers and jackets are a synthetic blend suiting solid, with super-petticoats for extra poof.  XD  This is yet another wig that was hand-dyed using the FW Acrylic Ink method.

I snuck in a lot of extra bits in this for fun, like the jacket and jumper are both lined with ducky fabric.  I also have a little pair of bloomers for underneath that have a yellow duck shape iron-on stuck right on the butt.  I find myself VERY funny.  Makoto also made the ADORABLE ducky plushie, which she then gifted to me.  ;_;  It resides in a place of honor with Calcifer and Teto.

This costume made it's debut at NDK 2007, with all the rest of the girls.  ^^

Photos courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography and Sleepy.