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Alicia Melchiott
Series: Valkyria Chronicles

Debut: Nan Desu Kan 2009
Competitions: NDK 2009 Cosplay
Awards: None
Status: Completed

Sometime in the spring of 2009, half of us started playing the Valkyria Chronicles game, and the other half starting watching the anime, and some point along the way we all decided to cosplay from it.

I was enamored of the lead scout, Alicia, as well as with her relationship to the Lieutenant, Welkin, who I (easily) talked my sweetheart, Nick, into.  Early on the in process, we all chose characters and then went about choosing fabrics and other materials to coordinate.  We bought a massive roll of heavyweight suiting material and distributed it among us, for a start, and then decided on easily-accessible trims.  We all kept in line with the similarly designed jackets (with the red stripes), armor pieces, and boot covers.

One of our more interesting feats were all the armor pieces, which were vacuum formed in a few weekends and then painted.  Each was designed and then cast multiple times so we all had matching pieces.

My costume specifically had the additional details of her little hair kerchief, 'dickie' collar, and separate short a-line skirt.  I wore in part my own hair in the front, with extensions attached to my tiny short pigtails in the back. XD  Welkin's costume had some specific details in the collar and shoulder patches which denote his rank.

This costume made it's debut at NDK 2009 with Nick as Welkin, assorted other friends, and we all participated in the Masquerade at that event.

Photos courtesy of Lionel Lum.