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Series: Kingdom Hearts
Debut: Anime Expo 2006 (Original at Ohayocon 2006)
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

Naminé - like Lain and a number of other simple costumes - is all about the attitude and presence. Nevertheless, despite (or maybe because of) her outfit's simplicity, I was totally enchanted. Also, since I finished KH2, she's really become one of my favorite characters. Her ties to the other heroes (and heroines) is really, truly fascinating, and without spoiling anything... ^.~ Really beautiful.

The dress is a peachskin solid, fully lined with cotton, and the scallops at the bottom are a piece of eyelet lace. The shoes were purchased at the ARC and painted. The current dress and wig were a secondary attempt. The original dress was satin with a dark blue lining... not one of my better ideas. ^^;

The new dress and wig made its debut at Anime Expo 2006, while the original debuted at Ohayocon 2006. ^^ This final photographed version has yet ANOTHER wig... I think I finally got it straight. XD

Photos courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography and Firefly Path Photography.