The Dryad
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This was an original concept project that I started working on with my usual photographer, Laura, in mind.  I've done several sort of fluffy faerie costumes over the years (usually thrown together the night before to wear to the Renaissance Festival XD), but for this project I wanted something very different.  I chose a dryad because I've always been quite attached to trees, oaks in particular, which are famous for their ties with the faerie world.

Yet along with that, I wanted something more than a Pre-Raphaelite style tree spirit.  I went into the project with a mind toward the darker underbelly of faerie and come up with this primal, almost malevolent earth spirit.  To achieve these ends, the dress itself is very patchwork, and smeared with the same dark brown paints that I used on my arms and legs, too.  The makeup is almost meant as a mask, a disguise.  The wig was a very lucky find, and was part of the original inspiration!  I ordered it for another project, and it came with the wavy "dreads" already in them.  They were the perfect compliment for the costume.  And yes, I took a cue from Titus and borrowed Lavinia's branch-entwined wrists.

Photos courtesy o
f Digital Dreams Photography.

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