Lady Sollemnia [Sophie] Verrouiller
Series: Steampunk Fashion

Debut: Dragon*Con 2008
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

The Neo-Victorian sensibilities of the steampunk genre are becoming increasingly popular, and I'm going to just hop on that airship (not wagon... whyever a WAGON?) with the rest of the crowd.

The theme of the costume is locks and keys, of which I have several pounds attached to me.  And I picked a name, because I'm like that.  If you know any French, you'll get the joke.  This has a real, steel-boned corset, the first I've made (all the rest have had plastic boning and don't really count ^^;), but despite that it's easy to wear and pretty comfy considering.  I'm really fond of it, there are a lot of tiny details and purposeful 'roughening' of it.  I even took a cheese grater to it.  Seriously.

The entirety of the costume is handmade, from the overtrimmed blouse, to the frayed puffy skirt, and the petticoat underneath it.  I guess the only thing I didn't make was the stockings and the shoes.  Most of the real locks and keys came from ebay, but a number used in the smaller jewelry came from jewelry supply and craft stores.

This costume is complete and was worn at Denvention and Dragon*Con 2008.  More photos pending.

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