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Princess Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca
Series: Final Fantasy XII

Debut: Acen 2007
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

I have an addiction.  I feed it.  And yes, we use her full name.  With title.

I admit to very much liking FFXII once I played it, and although surprised at a few things, enjoyed all of it very much.  I agreed to cosplay Ashe before setting hands to the controls, but once I did - like past occurrences - I found I was very pleased with my choice of character.  I like Ashe since she fits into the same place in the universe as many of the other female FF leads I've cosplayed.

However.  Ashe's outfit is perhaps the only outfit more nuts than Yuna's Gunner.  We've had many a long talk about how Akihiko Yoshida probably drank some of Tetsuya Nomura's paint and just went insane.  So, yeah.

This was some of the most difficult construction I've ever done.  Much of this costume consists of the armor, and I am not strong in that area.  I was able to apply the same method used to create the Deedlit "Goddess" armor with some success!  It's far from perfect, and still needs a little engineering, but I'm very pleased with the overall effect.

The fabric parts of the costume, on the other hand, were - while also challenging - very pleasing in the end.  I was fortunate to find myself within easy reach of resources like pink vinyl and belt-making accessories, so the job was both easier, and the results were better.  The white top and detached sleeves are made from a herringbone pattern linen, the waist cincher, collar, and leggings under the armor from stretch denim, the skirt from pink vinyl (AUGH PINK VINYL, I still have freeking a yard of it around), and the belt and boot cuffs from a blue synthetic.  It's all trimmed in gold, with a little bit of piping and such, and the boot cuffs even have the little fleur-de-lis, found on Ebay.  The wig also came from Ebay, and as I well know, is too light.  But the cut was perfect.

This costume made it's debut at Acen 2007.  ^^

Photos courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography and Shiroin.