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Therru / Teru
Series: Gedo Senki: Tales from Earthsea
Debut: Anime Expo 2006
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

I committed the ultimate sin and cosplayed a character from a source that wasn't yet out. Even in Japan. I know. XD Whatever. However, I cling to the fact that Gedo Senki is based on the Earthsea books, and Therru is already a character in those books... so the sin is not THAT great.

Therru's costume was created from a medly of natural fabrics. The jumper is a wonderful rough-woven hemp that I've had for some time, lined with a matching russet cotton. The chemise is a handkerchief linen, hand dyed to a light pink. The pants are a 'homespun' unbleached cotton, and the apron is just an extra scrap of old cotton bedsheet. I spent very little on this costume, as all the fabric was in my collection. I believe the only notion I purchased was the zipper for the jumper. My fake-Uggs boots complete the costume. This is probably one of the most comfortable costumes I've ever worn. ^^ Other than the liquid latex which Hanyaan applied to my face for Therru's distinctive burn... XD Yeah.

In any case, this is a simple costume for a character I always liked very much. I come to Gedo Senki as many others did to Howl's Moving Castle... having known the book first. I know Studio Ghibli's interpretation will be different, and I look forward to seeing their work in one of my favorite universes.

Edit: After Hanyaan and I finally saw the movie, we're going to have to do these all over again.  But we don't care, we love them.  *^^*

This costume made its debut at Anime Expo 2006 with Hanyaan Faery as Prince Arren of Enlad.

Photos courtesy of Eurobeat King of and Widya Santoso.