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Jedi Consular
Source: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Debut: Denver Comic Con 2012
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

I will admit right away that I was only a passing fan of Star Wars for many years.  But upon Nick introducing me to the wonder that is SWTOR, I immediately became enchanted with the entire Star Wars universe.  I'll also admit to being partial to the Old Republic timeline, most likely because of the game, but I have begun reading novels and comics all through the timeline, and enjoying them immensely.

Aitahea is my first character in-game, a Jedi Consular who specializes in diplomacy and healing rather than combat.  Consulars wear light armor, which in game is presented mostly as robes with accompanying accessories like belts and gloves.  Colors vary in the traditional Jedi spectrum from whites to browns to the occasional blue and green, and I attempted to recreate my favorite jacket, as shown in the image, in earthtones.

The SWTOR garments differ from the original universe costumes by adding myriad details and significantly different cuts.  I did adopt the short sleeved jacket over a long-sleeved, fitted tunic, and a skirt-wrap that's an armoring option (pants are another option),  but the limitations of the graphics made the physics of the costumes a little strange.  I interpreted a fuller jacket than in shown in-game, which slightly altered some of the design choices.  I hope to add gloves and additional accessories to the belt soon!  My husband also gifted me with the lightsaber in anticipation of the completion of this costume, and it's just a killer addition.

This costume made its debut at the first Denver Comic Con in 2012, and reappeared at Costume Con 31 (May 2013) where I had the wonderful opportunity to take photos with the creators and stars of the SWTOR flashmob in NYC.

Materials List
Pattern - Simplicity 5840 (Pattern was HIGHLY edited!)
Fabrics - Cotton-blend and linen-look fabrics from JoAnn Fabrics.
Accessories - Purchased Jedi belt, boots from closet, lightsaber from

Photos courtesy of  Alkaia Veritas & TofuSnow.