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Series: Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind
Debut: Nan Desu Kan 2006
Competitions: NDK 2006 Costume and Cosplay Contest
Awards: 1st in Masters, 2nd in Craftsmanship, Best in Show Overall
Status: Completed

Nausicaš was a childhood favorite of mine, although under other guises (that old, terrible dub they called "Warriors of the Wind").  My mother and I used to rent it in the early 90s, and I loved it, without knowing the sources or the lovely work that would follow it... and how much said work would bring to my life.  ^^  It's funny to think about back then, and what's come now... I never would have believed it!

Because Ghibli/Miyazaki work is so simplistic in design, and so organic in style, I wanted to pay close attention to the few details of the costume.  I used a synthetic linen-look for the tunic, and a faux suede for the gloves, boot covers, and hat to capture more of the style of the pre-industrial society that is the Valley of the Wind.  The style of the tunic was simple enough, with a half-circle skirt and the bust pockets for the shells.  Finding empty shotgun shells was an adventure in itself!  XD  I eventually just cut open and emptied loaded shells, once I found out it was safe to do so (Yeah, so my roommate came home one night to me casually slicing open shotgun shells with a boxcutter...  and asked just as casually if I was making a bomb. XD  He should really know better by now).  Other items like the belt buckle were lucky finds at the Goodwill, and with a few alterations and coats of paint, really served the costume well.  I was happy to include details like the ties at the neck opening and even so much as the red drop earrings, which I easily created at the bead store I work at. ^^

The mehve glider was made for me by my friends Einlanzer and DeAsuma, and I am ever and endlessly grateful for their resolve and expertise.  Having the glider there, full sized, and able to be "ridden" really made the entire costume, and the whole experience all together.  It has a wooden frame covered in thin plastic and then over that with fabric.  The base also has the bars for steering, and can be "ridden" by laying down across the leather strap (uh, that was actually Tom's belt. XD  Score one for impromptu accessorizing).  It's really a work of wonder, and potentially one of the largest props I've encountered. ^^  So far.  I thank the boys for all their hard work, Antheny for the use of his house for construction, and all of them for sitting with me for 4 long hours during the cosplay.  I certainly think it was worth it all, with the three awards we were honored with.

This costume debuted at Nan Desu Kan 2006.

Photos courtesy of Lionel Lum, Digital Dreams Photography, and Shiroin.