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Neo-Queen Serenity
Series: Sailormoon
Debut: Anime Central 2006
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

Well, having been through most of the other incarnations of Sailormoon, I figured I'd add on this one. XD Just kidding. Almost. I wasn't really particular to this design until I got a little older, and really got the more adult side of Serenity that she grows into. It's a far more regal, grown-up side of our little Usagi, and something I feel I've finally grown into.

The dress is a fairly simple strapless shell, fully lined, with a boned bodice for support. There were many liberties taken with the pattern, to add in the gathered skirt beneath the empire bodice... and well, to make it have an empire bodice. The gold circles were made of layers of gold casa sheer over white satin, set in place with Wonder Under, making each one stable to itself. Each circle was hand trimmed with gold braid and miniature pearls to cover the raw edges of the fabric, and then installed on the top of the dress. I cleaned out the local Hobby Lobby buying the gold pearls for the bodice trim XD but it worked out great. I strung the pearls, and then stitched the string to the bodice.

The wig was one of the most challenging projects I've ever undertaken. I've had a good two years to 'meditate' on a new Sailormoon wig, and this costume required good work on it. I checked out a number of tutorials, and combined with the ideas I'd been mulling over for a few years, I came out with something pretty successful. I have written a tutorial, and it can be viewed on my cosplay livejournal, Charmedseed. Warning, image heavy!

The accessories were the crown, which is a relatively common little dollar store little girl's fairy crown. ^^ It was really quite cheap and ugly looking, but a few coats of pearly paint and replacing the acrylic jewels made a big difference. The earrings are just pearls that match those on the bodice. The wings are a simple sheer that was roll-hemmed on my serger, and secured to the wire base with... tada, double sided tape.

This costume made its debut at Anime Central 2006.

Photos courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography.