Series: Chrno Crusade
Debut: ACEN 2005
Competitions: Kunicon Denver 2005 Cosplay Contest
Awards: "Best Drama"
Status: Completed

It's a rare thing with me to have the desire to play more than one character from a single series, but Azmaria draws me nearly as much as Rosette. ^^ Her charming innocence is simply adorable, and her connection to music draws me.

This is Azmaria's captive-performance dress from her first episode, and I had a few special plans for it. While the cost was relatively low, I put a lot of finishing work into the dress, and I'm very proud of the details. The dupioni silk I used for the overdress I did the dyeing for myself (took a second try, but hey, it worked ^.~). One of my favorite details about the overdress are the cute petals on the sleeve; they really add a lovely touch to the costume. There are also some pintucks on the front that I'm very proud of!

I found I really needed a petticoat underneath to get the fullness that I wanted, so I pulled that together at the last minute, using a simple pattern with yoke and netting, of course. The "underdress" white part of the skirt is a recycled bit of an old SCA underdress. ^^

The bows are both just a simple cotton, and the pin was purchased in Joanns, one of the new decorative large pins that are trendy now. Again, I'm very proud of the smaller details, the front opening of the dress and the bottom hem were both blind-stitched by hand. ^^

This costume made its debut at ACEN 2005. ^^

Original character image from here.

Photos courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography.

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