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Princess Tutu
Series: Princess Tutu

Debut: Acen 2007
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

I started watching this show in late February 2007 and just devoured the whole thing.  I LOVE TUTU.  And if you aren't watching it because you think it's a fluffy little mahou shoujo, you would be pleasantly surprised.  It's quite deep, very dark, and charmingly engaging.  Or engagingly charming.  Whatever way you like it.

I really hadn't considered costuming Tutu until I realized that a friend of mine already had a Kraehe costume, and then the bug bit me.  We decided to prance around and look ridiculous, but at least we were doing it together.  Actually, Snowhite Dahlia looks quite the part in her Kraehe.  ^^  We had great fun.

I did a lot of bit work on this.  The actual pink tutu itself was purchased online as part of a whole leotard/tutu combo.  I hacked off the leotard and replaced it with this one.  The pendant was made with foamies and beads, and the bracelets (one of my favorite parts!) were made by me, with these beautiful gold glass pearls I found at a wholesale bead show.  ^^  That was win.

The wig was a TRIAL.  This is the first wig I've dyed since the original Ayanami Rei, and I'm fairly pleased with the results, if not with the wig itself.  I used the rubbing alcohol and acrylic ink spray method, and it worked alright.  The wig began as a platinum blonde, medium length shag.  The dyeing took about three tries to get her ridiculous mango shade, but I think the quality of the wig effected the final result, which was a little uneven.  I believe I shall try again with a better wig.  ^^  It was also cut, and the feather headpiece was created with pads from Ebay.  It is removable... thank goodness. o.o  And I do not yet have the guts or the training to wear pointe shoes... although for future photos I may try it.  ^^;  And hope I don't kill myself.

This costume made it's debut at Acen 2007.  ^^  My Kraehe is of course Snowhite Dahlia, and my Fakir is Random Karen.

Photos courtesy of Eurobeat King.