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Tanaquill, the Faerie Queen
Source: Myth & Literature

Debut: MileHiCon 2012
Competitions: MileHiCon 2012 Masquerade
Awards: MileHiCon 2012 Masquerade Best in Show
Status: Completed

I have loved faerie-lore my entire life - of course the original incarnation of this website was at - and creating costumes of these beautiful legends and myths is still a direction I love to go in!  When I recently discovered the procedure for making resin wings, I wanted to try it out.

The dress was developed as a main shell with lots of embellishments using many materials.  I wanted the look of earthy, woody colors with a cast of copper over all.  This was the result, the brown and green dress with plenty of copper glitter and metallic finishes!

This costume made its debut at MileHiCon 2012 in Denver.  I was honored with Best in Show at that event.

Materials List
Pattern - McCalls 4713, with alterations for collar and skirt pickups.
Fabrics - A mix of synthetic netting, textured stretch, and metallic fabrics from Denver Fabrics.
Accessories - Altered gold-glitter shoes, resin wings, silk-flower headpiece. Wig from Amphigory.

Photos courtesy of Vasilion Photography.