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Terra Branford {Amano Style}
Series: Final Fantasy VI
Debut: Anime Expo 2006
Competitions: None
Awards: Best Presentation & 1st Place Overall at Anime Expo 2006
Status: Completed

Terra has always been a cherished favorite character of mine, and I so much enjoyed creating and wearing the first costume of hers. But for this attempt, I wanted to stick more strictly to the artwork created by Yoshitaka Amano.

I had to go about this costume with a greatly different attitude than the first hybrid I did. Instead of just going by whim, I chose specific patterns and made specific edits to them. There was also some painting involved in this one (most notably on the skirt sash and tights), to capture the more watercolor feel of Amano's work.

Most of the focus of this costume was on the top, which can be seen in the reference image. I wanted to do something unique with the separate top, as opposed to the oft-used full dress. I edited an existing pattern almost beyond recognition, and then added a great deal of gold trim, to mimic the texture of the artwork. Open 'sleeves' of hand-dyed silk were also added. The skirt and sash design was taken primarily from this image which showed the clearest illustration, along with being simple.

I made fun of myself and the Amano 'trends' of beads and zebra fabric a good deal in this costume, too. Per the joke, there were as few beads as possible involved in this costume. XD The only beads in the costume are about seven in the trim on the top, and those along the edges of the skirt sash. I planned on lining the skirt with zebra print fabric, and ended up letting a little of the facing stick out a bit, since it did look a bit cool, after all. I also had a handy bag made from the same. Completing the costume were the requisite Goodwill shoes, painted and trimmed, and some heinous jewelry from last year that I bought while working at Dillard's.

This costume made its debut at Anime Expo 2006 alongside Lilacwire and friends. ^^ We presented a skit, "Signing Bonus," in the Masquerade and were awarded with Best Presentation and 1st Place Overall. Video courtesy Usagichan Company Search and Rescue.

In October of 2006 I attended Oni-Con in Texas and found myself with the distinctive honor of meeting the man who designed Terra, Yoshitaka Amano.  The ladies of Firefly Path were so kind as to capture this photo of Amano-san signing the skirt of the costume.  *^^*  It was truly one of my happiest moments cosplaying (you could tell because I couldn't talk XD).

Photos courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography, Sleepy, and Consplayers.