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Click for larger imageRydia of Mist
Series: Final Fantasy II/IV
Debut: Anime Iowa 2003
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Retired

Rydia has always been my favorite FF character. ^^ I actually did a Rydia costume when I was about 12 or 13... I really wish I had pictures... *^^* And GOD, I'm so old. XD

But this endeavor promised to be a little different (and a whole lot better). I've done most of the design out of my own head, combining what elements you can see in the sprites, a little inspiration from Amano's work, and some thoughts from the beautiful fanarts that are out there... As well as some of my favorite ideas for costumes. Of course the prevalence of GREEN is there, and the very obvious dropped sleeves. ^^

The fabric I used is a psudo-batik patterned georgette - REALLY fabulous fabric, one of those things where it just appeared out of nowhere, perfect... ^^ - over a lime green polyester base fabric. It's something of a two piece, with the one-shouldered top, attached to the skirt at the hip with the beads, both with sort of diagonal lines on the bottom hems, which are accented with metallic green thread. The beautiful green wig was purchased online, and the flower was picked up out of the bargain bin at some random craft store. ^^

This costume made it's debut at Anime Iowa 2003!

Photos courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography.