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Rosa Farrell
Series: Final Fantasy IV for DS

Debut: Dragon*Con 2009
Competitions: Dragon*Con 2009 Masquerade
Awards: None
Status: Completed

Rosa is of course one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters of all time, and when I found out that 4 was going to be re-released on the DS, I jumped all over it!

This is a beautiful design that - different from my previous incarnation - I worked hard on to complete as accurately as possible.   There are a lot of different aspects to this costume, but I feel like I had a lot of success making it not only accurate, but practical, as well.

As I planned on this being a competition piece, I did extensive documentation.  And I mean extensive.  I can't put it all here because it would be too long, and you would be bored.  But if you want to check it out, you can view it here.  There are also additional photos here.

As a whole, the costume was an exercise in... exercise, really.  It contains almost every aspect of costuming that I've encountered, including the garment creation, paint and appliqué, armoring, metal and jewelry work, and wig design.

This costume made its debut at Dragon*Con 2009 with Dahlia as Rydia, and we participated in the Masquerade at that event.

Photos courtesy of NG Master.