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Click for larger imageSongstress Yuna
Series: Final Fantasy X-2
Debut: ACEN 2004
Competitions: Anime Central 2004 Cosplay Contest
Awards: Honorable Mention for Individual Costuming
Status: Retired

Everyone's favorite Songstress! This speaks to the singer in me. *sniffs, sigh* Great scenes with this dress, oh yeah. Numerous reasons I like this, I could go on and on and on... And another prime example of how I'm a slave to the trends... Hey, things are popular for a reason. I adore Yuna, she's one of my favorite characters, and cosplaying her was so much fun.

This costume was pretty much entirely patterned from scratch. The top was fully lined, to aid in the application of the white ruffles. Both fabrics are polyester, the blue a ponte solid, and the white a synthetic chiffon. I chose both for their unique movement and drape, which I feel are a big part of the costume's feel and effect.

The skirt is one of the most simple pieces in the world to complete; it's really just a pleated skirt, only made in black lace. I used about a yard or so of black lace, doubled over, and pleated using hand and iron. I bound the top with ribbon, and voila! Pleated lace skirt.

I debuted this costume at Anime Central 2004, with a performance of "Real Emotion" in the cosplay. I was honored with the Honorable Mention for Individual Costuming, my first individual cosplay award.

Photography by Eurobeat King, of and Kevin Lillard, of A Fan's View.