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Haruhi (Dress from Episode 8)
Series: Ouran High School Host Club
Debut: Anime Oasis 2007
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

This was just totally silly on my part, but I couldn't help myself.  Ever since I cut my hair, I'm always like, "OMG WHAT DO I HAVE IN MY CLOSET?!?"  And while this didn't exactly just come out of my closet, it was still cute and fun.  *^^*

If you're not terribly familiar with Ouran, this is the dress Haruhi wears in the second half of episode eight, where they visit a beachside estate.  She claims that her father repacked her bag.  Hm.  But anyway, she ends up wearing this ridiculous frilly, fluffy, pink dress to dinner.  This was just a quick project in cotton/poly, and it really needs to be re-engineered to make it more flattering.  Of course, I figured looking silly and uncomfortable was pretty in character, considering. XD

This costume made it's debut at Anime Oasis 2007.

Photos courtesy of Digital Dreams Photography and Consplayers.