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Series: CLAMP in 3D Land

Debut: Animeland Wasabi 2009
Competitions: None
Awards: None
Status: Completed

A few of my CLAMP-loving friends decided to work on these cute costumes featured on the CLAMP in 3D Land figurine packages, and invited the rest of us along.  So we all got together... and well, you can see where it went!  Our initial debut featured 13 total cosplayers.

I chose Chii's costume because I was particularly struck by the black lace as a part of the costume.  It was a really striking detail that I just fell in love with, and hey, who doesn't need a good fluffy Chii cosplay every few years?

Everyone worked with the Casa line of materials from Joanns, to keep things at least somewhat consistent, and give us a wide range of colors to work with.  I started with a sweetheart neckline corset top as a base, and added length for the top.  A double-layer set of 3/4 circle skirts were filled out by a wonderful, huge petticoat from a friend.  All of the blue areas are applique'd on with Wonder Under, and a few sections trimmed with middy braid.  I also completed Fuuma's costume for my sweetheart, Nick.

Lots of black Venice lace, the ears, and the wig came from Ebay, and everything was set.  This costume made its debut with the group at Animeland Wasabi 2009.

Photos courtesy of Eurobeat King.